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Comprehensive e-Learning Platform

Ucademy is a platform that is scalable, flexible, robust, and customizable with lots of features and elements which is developed to build up admin functionality and make it easier to transform into a more advanced digital learning era.


Drag and drop any types of media to create your course content - such as videos, documents, presentations - to provide the training to the learner in just one click. Easy to determine price or to assign teacher and coordinator.

Set up online training sessions with Meet / Zoom integration or with built-in streaming service. Allow learners to self-register or send auto-reminders to a group of learners.

Take the advantage by building your own quizzes, examinations to acknowledge the effectiveness of the training or to evaluate your learners and learning material.

Stick together courses into a program and build personalised learning paths that allow learners to visualise their goals, attain a structured training experience, and master skills demanded of them at any stage.


Create or import users in bulk, allow them to self-register with direct url or let them log in with SSO (Single Sign On) from other systems. Divide them into groups to easily manage and instantly assign courses / programs to them.

Allows the user to explore concepts in a sequential manner to that allow in-depth learning. Learners could interact with coordinator / teacher via built-in messaging service.

Define a set of role with specific permissions that allow for automated notifications for news, course announcement, assessment deadlines, etc.. to be delivered to learners in a timely manner without any manual intervention.

Make sure you value your learners feedback by allowing them to sign up for course survey and raise the voice on course comment. Also, create coming soon courses to collect their feedback and expectation to determine your next steps.

Learn about the learner's behavioural and transactional activities on the LMS. Announce news via course announcement section to broadcast information out to all members of a course.


It's important to create an excellent first impression. Build your homepage with your own content and graphics, and choose which pages and courses users view before they decide to sign up.

Plenty of useful structured pages for you to select and determine which ones you want to show to your users. It’s the same with a set of features you want to apply to your site in order to let your learners experience your own designed LMS.

Create your own look and feel with your unique brand identity to your site.

You could adjust really everything regarding the contents or visuals on every pages within the LMS. Just collect and replace them with your own with just a few clicks. We also offer service to custimize any pages on demand.


With all the structure and contents you put into your lessons, learner could proactively learn by themselves. Group related courses into categories so learners can easily find what they're looking for.

Entertain your learners from the beginning. Gamify courses with badges, points, levels, leaderboards, and more...

Learners will feel no difference accessing the courses from anywhere, whether a desktop or through mobile apps. Have your own white labelled app and let them complete the trainings.

Create course bundle to offer more reasonable price to your users. Freely generate coupon code to allow a specific set of your users to get a discounted price or limited offer on an order.

Convert the gathering of the learners into the virtual sessions by connecting them through any service providers or our built-in. No more manual attendance marking needed as we provide tracking virtual class attendance.


Set up automatic emails to keep learner up-to-date with reminders on time. Make them aware on any major events such as password reset, course purchase, coupon assigned, etc… Notification to user on both site and mobile will come along correspondingly.

Decentralize your organization into smaller pieces by creating branches that under your control and management. Group your learners that are coming from the same corporate so that you could auto-assign courses / programs and manage their structured learning paths.

Real-time and scheduled tracking and exportable Excel sheets / PDF files for scoresheet. Get detailed report on course / program completion, score achieved, etc.. for each user / corporate.

Secure and integrated payment gateway offer 2 methods: online and direct transaction. Your users could use either Visa / MasterCard or event off-system payment (direct banking transfer).

Create Alumni program to provide benefit (discount on upcoming purchase courses / programs) to your Alumni. That helps raise the profile of your organization and provide the long-term value to your educational institution.

Every user will have a unique referral url which is used to incentivize them to recommend your service to their friends. In return, referral balance will be applied to discount for future purchases.


SSL keep user data secure, verify ownership of the website, prevent attackers from creating a fake version of the site, and convey trust to users.

Content, especially uploaded videos, will be processed on server-side with DRM (Digital Rights Management) to get rid of being downloaded with browser extension / add-on. Optional watermark with your logo and organization name will be an extra layer of protection for your assets.

All your contents including learning materials, courses, programs, etc… will be backed up daily to minimize any damage caused by power outage and so it is possible to securely restore your data.

Using AWS as the cloud service for storage gives your users access to your content from anywhere that has an internet connection.

We also provide open API in some cases which you want to develope your own Front-end with less code to make different software programs work together seamlessly.

Third Party Services

Integration With 3rd Party Services Works Just Great!

Easily with the apps and services you love, your training matches your work life seamlessly.